Terrain generation using a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)

It is expensive to send things such as rovers to other planets for exploratory missions. Therefor it is important to make sure that they have been properly tested. One way that this can be done fairly cheaply is through the use of computer simulation.

This can be done by creating a height map. A height map is a 2d greyscale image that is created through the use of a noise function which gives some randomness to the image.

The height map can then be used to create a realistic looking terrain by using OpenGL to convert the colour values of the image to height values (Where lighter areas are higher points and darker areas are lower points).One issue with this is that the speed at which the simulation runs at is quite slow.

Currently this is only running on the CPU and not the GPU. Future work of getting the simulation to run on the GPU would hopefully solve the issues of speed and wou ld allow for bigger terrains to be simulated.