Real Time Personal Inventory Management

Kyle Harrison

‘Personal Inventory Management’ is a android-based inventory manager App built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript using Apache Cordova. Evolving from the need to manage large collections of products in a intuitive way the App focuses on making the process of searching and storing products as simple as possible through the use of a barcode scanner.

Availability of information is essential as consistently fast queries and average response times impact heavily on performance. To ensure the best possible experience a Java EE Server and Cassandra database were used server-side allowing access to movies, books, music, comics and video games.

Caching information retrieved from 3rd party APIs reduces response times and local storage helps further reduce load times by storing a device cache of recently searched products enhancing responsiveness and overall user experience.

Security has been addressed through the use of a secure login/registration using SHA 512 encryption & ZXCVBN password strength to protect individuals against theft and unwanted viewing of their collections. Requesting and storing only the information required to create a secure account ( account name and password ) ensures no personal information is stored and a collection cannot be identified as belonging to an individual other than by username