It is my very great pleasure to welcome you to the 2014 School of Computing Degree Show. Whether you are family, friends, School members, visitors from elsewhere in the University, from business or the community, there is so much gathered here for you to see and admire.

You can see for yourself just why we are so proud of the class of 2014 and why they are so proud of their achievements. The range of ideas and the enthusiasm of fresh and inventive minds are here for all to see. The spectrum of software development is extremely wide, with applications ranging from space technology and computer games through to health support and computing theory, with technologies ranging from computer vision, constraint programming, data mining and web development. Truly, computing software is found in everything and can take you anywhere.

In April of 2013, students began to identify a suitable project, even before they started their final year of study with us. Work began in earnest in October, building up to 50% of their time being used to concentrate their prior learning into the development of the final product. You will see a LOT of effort on display. You can almost feel the buzz of the ideas shared, setbacks discussed, approaches reoriented and final solutions emerging. The project has become a part of them (for some, day and night) for half a year.

As with all university study, staff are on hand to help students as they move into unfamiliar areas. With so many unusual projects, it can be a challenge for supervisors to keep abreast of the ideas, particularly when they are embryonic. However, supervisors can take pleasure as ideas crystallise and take their final shape. Let me take this opportunity to thank them, too

John Donne wrote: “No man is an island, entire of itself” – we all understand that a sound support from family and friends helps much during university study, so please accept my thanks for your invaluable contribution.

Finally, congratulations to the class of 2014 – it’s been another great year. The final stage will be graduation day and it will be my very great pleasure to call out each and every name.

Dr Janet Hughes
Dean of School of Computing

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